Power of One Vote?

Hye friends,
     I'm sharing my thought with you about the VOTE and ELECTION, this post is not to educate and to tell you the power of your one VOTE, I am here to ask you what you think about the Power of one VOTE?
     Actually now a days everywhere and everybody (in our neighborhood, at chaiwala, and our friends, our parents etc.) talking about the ELECTION and VOTING. Where two or more gathered they only talk about the ELECTION, VOTING and predicts about next P.M. of INDIA. Does they really know that what their one can do or the POWER OF ONE VOTE?
POWER OF ONE VOTE? this one is a big question and I'm really confused about this " what my one vote can do" does it really make any difference?
     Now a days 99.9% people are suffering from one two fevers Cricket and Election, people have only two topics whether CRICKET or ELECTION. Even on T.V they only broadcast about the election, I'm not talking about the news channels, talking about the other than news channels, in one hour they 4 or 5 times they broadcast the Political parties Advertisement. How much they get for the Ads from the parties, and Election Commission talks about the Limit of Expenditure in Election ( 70 L), Limit is only 70 L. , Political parties do lots of thinks like ( rally, T.v ADs, Radio Ads, Banners and many more things) only with this Exp. limit how can they do it.  Lots of things with the Less money this is really surprising, even they Pay some money to  people for crowd at rally. How can they do it with only 70L.
     At the end of the day, only question arises in my mind is " POWER OF ONE VOTE?" does my one vote really change anything.
     My search is ON for this question. Do you know the answer!
     If you have the knowledge, Do share with Us,  Your reply can help lots of young guns of INDIA.
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  1. one vote can change the society, one vote can gives us a energetic leader that can change our minds


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